'New Zealand's International Airline'


International travel was not always long queues, deep-vein thrombosis and rubber-flavoured food. In New Zealand, sixty years ago there was a glamorous and exotic alternative.                   

Tasman Empire Airways was formed in 1940, in an era when passengers flying on commercial aircraft were revered and envied. Back in the 1940's and 50's air travel was eagerly anticipated by the few that were lucky enough to afford this luxury. To add to the occasion passengers dressed in their finery with women in their hats and furs, men in suits and neckties. On rare occasions, when children accompanied their parents, they wore their Sunday best. Compare this with today’s cattle class in flight experience of packed airplanes, howling children and people dressed like they're coming from the gym.

Take a nostalgic journey, back to a more regal time of commercial aviation in New Zealand...


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