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Teal Motor Lodge Gisborne Motel Accommodation

Your Host: Stewart Haynes

Stewart is a second generation motelier that spent his formative teenage years growing up in a family-run motel. After a fleeting bank career, he took the opportunity to return and run the family business for 'a couple of years' where he remained for over 25-years. The crazy concept of attempting to balance family, friends, business and a personal life under one-roof has become second nature.

In his elongated motel career, Stewart has witnessed most things a motel-life can throw at him; however, interacting with the traveling public can surprisingly still provide unique and unexpected situations. Maybe one day he'll write a book - with all names suppressed and the utmost discretion of course! 

'The only constant in life is change. and over the years Stewart has witnessed dramatic changes in the motel industry. Thankfully the basics remain true - People still seek a safe and secure stopover during their travels; they appreciate being hosted by someone with a friendly smile, a vested interest in the accommodation provided and a connection with the local environment. 

In his spare time, Stewart enjoys spending time on the other side of the motel reception desk by experiencing his own intrepid travels. He enjoys pushing the limits of his car on a race track, photography, spending time with friends & family ....and collecting dusty old TEAL aviation memorabilia.  

Stewart looks forward to hosting you at Teal Motor Lodge :-)

  • Posing in Taupo
  • Laxing high above Bangkok
  • Taupo jetboat FUN
  • Enjoying the rain at Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park
  • Rotorua Luging
  • Selfie!
  • Enjoying the novelty of traffic chaos
  • 86/BRZ Club day in the sun
  • Where's my beer?
  • Disneyland memories with the kids
  • My daughter questioning my scooter skills?
  • A photo of me taking a photo?
  • Cruising on the Chao Phraya River
  • Brother, father and my mother ... miss you mum

Where did the 'Teal' name come from?

Glancing back in time (albeit with rose tinted glasses) to an era when travel was revered and envied. Back in time when travel was eagerly anticipated by the few that were lucky enough to afford this luxury. Travellers dressed in their finery with women in their hats and furs, men in suits and neckties. On rare occasions, when children accompanied their parents, they wore their Sunday best.... So where DID the TEAL name come from?

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Teal Motor Lodge Gisborne

A motel in a beautiful, garden setting and situated within minutes of Gisborne city centre and the beach. Our modern, comfortable Gisborne motel is perfectly suited for travellers, families, business or corporate accommodation.

Address: 479 Gladstone Road, Gisborne 4010, NZ
Phone: 0800 83 83 25 or +64 6 868 4019
Email: motel@teal.co.nz

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