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Where did the 'TEAL' name come from?

Why TEAL? The motel’s name is a link with Tasman Empire Airways Limited (T.E.A.L) that operated in New Zealand from 1940 to 1965 and was a forerunner to Air New Zealand. The current TEAL Motor Lodge logo rekindles distant memories of the past airline of the same name. For many people, the motel's logo looks familiar and this is may be because it bears some resemblance to the original airways logo. 

Legend has it that the original T.E.A.L neon sign that was located at the airline's head office in Auckland was acquired by a Gisborne gentleman. He used the original neon T.E.A.L letters in a new lighting box and after adding a distinctive 'speed bird' flourish and the words ' Motor Lodge,' fashioned a unique roadside sign for a new motel in Gisborne. The TEAL neon lettering was re-gassed a gaudy red colour and for good measure intermittently flashed on-and-off to attract attention. It is incredible to think that a large sign with kitschy flashing red neon was considered rather novel and classy at the time. By today's standards, flashing red neon is more commonly used by less savoury businesses to attract attention. The motel's sign was a Gisborne landmark for many years until the ravages of time finally caught up with it. The motel's current perspex illuminated sign is backlit with LED tubing and still retains the speed bird logo inspired by an iconic Kiwi airline that pioneered the excitement of overseas travel.

Tasman Empire Airways Limited (T.E.A.L) Memorabilia

Stewart, the host of TEAL Motor Lodge is keen to pay homage to the past connection of the motel's name and collects memorabilia from the airline T.E.A.L. So far the collection includes numerous: ashtrays, playing cards, postcards, menus, baggage labels, flight information cards, flight baggage, cap badges and much more. If you have any item that relates to T.E.A.L please feel free to get in touch.


Tasman Empire Airways Ltd

International travel was not always long queues, deep-vein thrombosis and rubber-flavoured food. In New Zealand, many years ago there was a glamorous and exotic alternative.

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Teal Motor Lodge Gisborne

A motel in a beautiful, garden setting and situated within minutes of Gisborne city centre and the beach. Our modern, comfortable Gisborne motel is perfectly suited for travellers, families, business or corporate accommodation.

Address: 479 Gladstone Road, Gisborne 4010, NZ
Phone: 0800 83 83 25 or +64 6 868 4019
Email: motel@teal.co.nz

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